The Track System at FTT

The Motocross facility at Florida Tracks and Trails offers four Motocross tracks, an ATV/UTV track, and a Mud track. All levels of riders, from the littlest beginner to the expert, are welcome.


World renowned track builder, Dream Traxx, is behind the build of this grand riding facility. With years of experience in building some of the most elite Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross and pit bike tracks in the world, the Dream Traxx team is holding nothing back on the build at Florida Tracks and Trails. Almost half a million yards of dirt will form various landscapes and terrain for what will soon become a world-class riding facility. Get ready. It’s going to be epic…




Only open to the public on select weekends. The Pro Track will be open once a month, check calendar for the next opening weekend.


This national caliber track will be designed for the Intermediate to Advanced rider. It is capable of holding Outdoor National Races for both dirt bikes and ATV’s. Area and Regional Races for Amateurs as well as AMA races for the Pro Riders will be held on this track. At 1.8 miles long, this track is wide enough for several machines to safely ride next to each other.




This track is designed for more of the Beginner to Intermediate Rider. With intended lap times of more than one minute long you can rest assured that there will be multiple tabletops, singles and even a few doubles on this track. It will have a great flow to it as it winds you back and forth forcing you to encounter the next obstacle. Like the other tracks it will be safe and exhilarating all at the same time.




This track is designed for those just getting started on riding mx tracks. It will be a great introductory track preparing you to move onto the larger track.


Most of the tabletop jumps will give the peace of mind while landing that everything is going to be alright. There will be no worries of other riders flying over you or around you as we will regulate who is out on this track. We want you to feel safe and comfortable out there. We all started somewhere and if you are just getting started this is where you want to ride.




This track is for our little guys and girls that ride the 50cc and 65cc machines.


This track is built with one thing in mind, safety for the rider. Mom and dad will be overjoyed to know that their child will have a track that can give hours of entertainment while knowing that safety was the only thing in mind during the design. There are some small tabletops and very small single jumps. The corners will be hard in consistency so the rider can make the turn without struggling to stay upright. Since most tracks in Florida have sand we will make sure to get some sand in a few of the straight-aways so the rider can get used to riding through it. All of the jumps are also be hard in consistency so the rider can feel comfortable as they navigate up it. The peewees are our future and we hope to revive it by giving them somewhere safe to ride.




This track is designed to give that adrenaline rush that all of the riders are looking for. It will be wide enough to allow two UTV’s to ride side by side as they become one with the track. The soil is that of a harder consistency so that the track can endure many riders throughout the day without it deteriorating from the larger machines. It’s designed for all age and skill levels in mind. Mom can take little Johnny on the track and will never have any issues or fears of the machine rolling over and dad can go a little faster and get the wheels off of the ground. We know this is the first track of its kind in Florida and we set the bar high.




This is a track built for the Utility ATV’s and UTV’s (Side by Sides). Get muddy with a more interesting approach. No bogs or open pits here… We have designed a course that you will have to navigate through or have fun freestyling. We made sure to give you a few trenches throughout the course that will keep you working your machine.




Safety is a top priority at FTT. The minimum riding gear required at the park, at all times while operating your machine, is as follows:


ATV/UTV Track & Mud Track – Helmet, eyewear and closed toed shoes/sneakers. SXS/UTV riders will also be required to wear their seat belts.


Pro, Amateur, Beginner/Youth, and Pee-Wee MX Tracks – Helmet, Goggles and MX Style Riding Boots. We also highly recommend (not required) long sleeved shirts, pants, roost deflector and neck brace.